Malan Sodium Bicarbonate

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Malan Sodium Bicarbonate

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Natural soda is firstly dissolved into solution (Na2CO3) and filtrated. The clear solution is then fed to carbonizing tower ;  accordingly, CO2 is compressed and bubbled up from the bottom of the tower, After carbonization, the slurry will be flowed from the bottom and separated. Dried to the finished product.
1. When it is used as the stabilizer of icecream, alignate can make the product fine, smooth, tasty and with a good melt--resitance. It also increases the expansion rate by about 10%. As additive in bread, algiante can increase the volume of products, make the read bright and loose,and not easily dried.Using it in the production of dried noodles, it will strengthen the noodle and increase the yield of the finished product.

2. In the production of chocolate and other high-quality sweet, when the appropriate algiante is added, it can raise the melting point of the product, improve its toughness and make it unsticky.

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