Mitsubishi PM20CEE060

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Mitsubishi PM20CEE060

Mitsubishi PM20CEE060 IGBT

Mitsubishi PM20CEE060 Overview: It can generate 100 voltage of collector emitter and 20 amperes of collector current. It highly developed protection circuitry and optimized gate drive guaranteed.

It has a modified power cycle tolerance. This enables itself to work accurately to high power switching applications and high frequency operations. Regardless of the surrounding temperature, rest assured that this unique module can maintain to be fully functional.The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, (IGBT) combines the insulated gate (hence the first part of its name) technology of the MOSFET with the output performance characteristics of a conventional bipolar transistor, (hence the second part of its name).

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module a device required for inverter use in many types of industrial equipment, and drives the trend towards high currents and high voltage since 1990.In switching applications modern devices feature pulse repetition rates well into the ultrasonic range—frequencies which at least ten times the highest audio frequency handled by the device when used as an analog audio amplifier.


  • Voltage: 100V
  • Current: 20amp
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -20 C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +70 C
  • Uses: Inverters, Small UPS, Motion/Servo Motor Control, AC Motor Control system.


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