Surgical Orthopedic Bone Drill

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Surgical Orthopedic Bone Drill

Surgical Orthopedic Bone Drill


Output power105w
Oscillations (OSC/min)/
Operation(V) voltage14.4
Swings (°)/
Warranty in years2

Delivery: Two or Three Weeks

Standard Configuration:

  • One handpiece
  • One battery
  • One charger
  • One chuck
  • One Aseptic battery transferring
  • One handpiece
  • One warranty card.

Surgical Orthopedic Bone Drill


  • You can autoclave our entire power tool.
  • It is possible to autoclave at 135 ° C (Improved type at 155 ° C) with 1.6Mpa, thus killing bacilli and virus that cannot be killed by suffocation.
  • We use a nickel-metal hydride battery friendly to the environment.
  • Low noise on the machine.
  • The warranty period for our products is 2 years.
  • Sterilize temperature approximately 135 ° C (Improved type approximately 155 ° C) if the temperature exceeds 135 ° C, damage to the motor.
  • A normal bone drill can hold only drill bits below 6 mm, acetabulum reaming drill with large torque, rpm is about 300, cannulate drill is used with nail or K wire, rpm is about 600.
  • After surgery, the battery must be removed from the power tool. Otherwise, a small automatic electrical discharge will shorten the battery life.
  • It is not autoclavable that the battery can be sterilized.
  • In order to avoid blood sticking in the bur, the cranial bur must be washed immediately after the surgery by the purger, then we should make it dry.
  • The cranial burbled is made of medical stainless steel, so it is flexible and not very hard, it is easy to attribute, it is recommended that each blade be used only for 1 surgery.

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