About Us

Technopower is the Largest Technology Online Shopping Mall in Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of categories in various industries covering everything from Medical & Surgical, Tools-DIY & Outdoor, Electronics & Appliances, Mobile & Accessories, Industrial & Scientific, Computer & IT to even Fashion items for both Men & Women. 

Technopower was established in 2014 with the aim to influence the growing Ecommerce industry in Bangladesh and create a platform that will be the go-to website for all your tech-related needs. We are the trendsetters that brought several niche categories that were previously unavailable online to the general masses. 

We did competitive market research and realized that there was a lack of access to several different product categories and many different leading brands in their industry that were never heard of due to a lack of awareness. We wanted to fill that void in Bangladesh where we have the largest growing youth population and growing advancement in Technology and access to the internet all over the country. With this boom in connectivity so did the need to have access to everything online and thus Technopower was born. 

However, we did not just want to be another online Ecommerce platform that would be forgotten after a few months which is why with our market research we found out that there is a demand for categories like Medical & Surgical Equipment, Laboratory Apparatus and Consumables, Lab Plasticware and Glassware, and even Industrial & Scientific Products, Safety Equipment, Chemicals & Dyes, Steam & Industrial Plumbing. 

We even catered to the Farming and Agricultural sectors with their needs for different equipment and machinery. We did not want to stop there, so we are even hosting and supplying products and machinery for Textile, Industrial Automation, and Industrial Raw Materials.

It is our goal to be the technological hub for every single tech, equipment and machinery need you might have. If you can think of an item and search online we want to be the first ones to serve you. We aim to regularly grow and upgrade and adapt ourselves and our website to cater to every single tech need. 

Even with these various targeted categories that are very rare to find on an Ecommerce website, we have not forgotten about all the readily available categories like Fashion and Clothing for both Men & Women. We even have categories from Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Stationery & Office to Home & Lifestyle. And we assure you that our focus and dedication are 100% towards providing the highest quality products, equipment, and accessories for every single category. 



We believe in a customer-first approach. So, from our Leadership to even our hard-working courier staff members always consider what will be the best approach to provide the highest quality service and products to our customers. Every decision that is taken to improve ourselves and our company and our website is done by keeping the customer at the center of the focus. 

It is our aim to become Bangladesh’s most customer-centric company. We are continually striving for perfection and every staff member in our company is dedicated to achieving the vision for our Ecommerce site. 


Whether you are an Ecommerce company or a brick-and-mortar store, if you do not innovate and adapt to the current times there will be no growth in the business. So, here at Technopower we stand by always moving forward and innovating and simplifying every single process that is included with the engagement and satisfaction of our customers. 

We are always looking for faster, better, and smarter ways to enhance the customer experience while staying ahead of our competitors. We do not settle down for our success today, we are always staying true to what we believe. With innovation and adaptability while staying humble and loyal to our customers we will continue to move forward.


We at Technopower believe that everyone has their own approach to seeing the world and how they view themselves and where they stand on various matters. We stand for that there be no discrimination based on race, religion, or preference.

At Technopower we believe in inclusion and cultural openness to strive to be the best version of ourselves and stand up for what we believe. In a safe and accepting work environment, every staff member will give their best towards the success of the business, and this in turn lines up with our vision to serve our customers to the best of our ability.


Being a reliable trustworthy company comes from the trust that our staff, customers, and sellers have in us for delivering on our promise. Consistently doing right by everyone involved in our community is the way to give them faith in us and our mission and vision. Our commitment to delivering on our promises even through a catastrophe is the basis of our success in satisfying our customers, staff, and partners.

If we have given our word on some matters then we will make sure to deliver on that promise to uphold the trust we have received from our community and keep our reputation at its highest. We want to be the company that can always be counted on.



It is our commitment to serving all your tech needs so we have even catered to niche categories that are not offered by other Ecommerce sites.


As we have a myriad of different categories, we offer millions of products to go in those categories and cover a wide range of niches.


Our products are the cheapest you can get on the market. We offer competitive prices so that you have the most reliable site for every tech item you are looking for.


We ensure that your products are delivered to you within 24 hours inside Dhaka and within 48 hours outside Dhaka. We give our guarantee that the product will arrive on time and without any damage. 


If you are not satisfied with any of our products, do not hesitate to return it as we have the quickest and easiest refund policy so that you have your money back without hassle.


Our customer service staff are always available for any of your queries. Whether it is about our products or about delivery times or a refund process, our staff will cordially answer all your questions and give you an effective solution.