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Model Number:ECG01
Weight:8 Kg (Main Sensor)
Warranty: 24  Months


Due to the lack of nerve sensation, patients with diabetes usually have no pain due to abnormal pressure under their feet, which can lead to ulcers, gangrene, and eventual amputation. A Pedograph gives an image of the distribution of pressure under the feet at an early stage revealing high-pressure regions. Such detection can create patients ‘ awareness of taking preventive action. Special shoe insoles can be prepared in advanced stages to spread the pressure from the hot spots, thus saving the patient from possible amputation. Bibeat Ltd has developed the technology necessary for such custom shoe insole and offers a service for making custom shoes using Pedograph images.

Again, while standing and walking, pressure points and pattern may differ, it is usually the latter that puts the soles on a higher burden, and from a clinical point of view, a dynamic pressure measurement during walking is more important.

The BanglaMedPedograph uses an optical method to create a video image of the foot pressure distribution as a patient walks in the center of an elevated platform through the sensor region. Using our specially developed software, analysis of these images produces color contour images of pressure distribution under the moving feet and color graphs of time pressure at 6 user-selected points. The results can be printed with a color printer on ordinary paper. The images can be used to drive a computerized shoe insole maker, sent over the internet anywhere, and saved for future use or reference.



  1. Main sensor unit: 2-dimensional optical pressure sensor based on total internal reflection.
  2. Adjustment: less than 2 mm x 2 mm
  3. Sensor size: (w) 23″x (d) 20″ x (h) 20 “(roughly). Depending on the individual design, the size can change.
  4. Weight: approximately 20 kg.
  5. Uses 18 “fluorescent lamp (LEDs are used in new designs)


Primary video files: format

  1. Video format processed: single image in jpg format
  2. Speed: 30 frames per four seconds.
  3. Pressure range: up to 750 kPa displayed.
  4. Pressure ranges shown in color coded image: I < 90 kPa, (ii) 90-165 kPa, (iii) 165-240 kPa, (iv) 240-315 kPa, (v) 315-390 kPa, (vi) 390-465 kPa, (vii) > 465 kPa (figure 5).
  5. Output on a color monitor.
  6. Hardcopy of the output with a color printer available.

Minimum computer configuration specifications required (optional):

  1. Main unit: dual-core processor with Windows XP or later versions of at least 2 GHz speed.
  2. Monitor: LCD, 20 “to 24” widescreen
  3. 3 Hard disk: 320 GB
  4. UPS, computer 1000VA and sensor
  5. Printer: Any printer of color.

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