Electrosurgical Diathermy EB-05 Healforce

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Electrosurgical Diathermy EB-05 Healforce


EB-05 can be used in various operations such as general surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery, endoscopy, vascular surgery, heart / thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and ophthalmology.

Cutting mode :Pure: 400Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 2300V\ 1.5 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode :Blend1: 300 Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 2700V\ 2.1 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode :Blend2: 200Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 3.200V\ 2.5 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode :Blend3: 150Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 3.700V\ 3.1 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :Point: 120Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 5.600V\ 6.1 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :Soft: 120Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 3.400V\ 6.1 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :Spray: 120Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 8.500V\ 8.3 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode :Standard: 70Watts\ 200 Load (OHMS)\ 1.450V\ 1.5 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :Standard: 70Watts\ 500 Load (OHMS)\ 240V\ 1.5 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :Precise: 70Watts\ 200 Load (OHMS)\ 360V\1.5 Crest Factor.
Accessory & Supply Connection
Finger-switch Pencil:2
Foot-Switch Pencil:1
Patient return electro code:1
AC power supply:1
Equipotential bonding:1
Power feature
Rate frequency:512kHz (110\240v Ac,60\50Hz).
Isolated output:YES.
Quantitative display of contact area:YES, for ”Split” type of neutral electro code.
Contact area indicator lamp:10 lamps (one for 10% contact), alarm beep and flicker if contact<20%.
Split\Solid neutral electrode definition:YES, ”Split” or ”Solid” indicator lamp lights up.
Adjustable alarm volume:YES
Operational duty cycle: 10 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF.
Cooling method:Convection
Type according to EN 60601-1:CF.
Protection class to EN 60601-1:Class 1.
Classification acc.to MDD 93\42EEC: llb.
Dimension (WxDxH):460*410*160mm.
Weight:11.2 Kg.

Product Description:

EB-05 is flexible electrosurgery designed to deliver regular and enhanced argon. It has 10 separate power sitting, system memory of 9 streams, a floating output of max. 400 watts.


  • Max output controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Four hundred watts (all floating).
  • Monopolar modes and 3 Bipolar modes of control.
  • Automatic power adjustment and tissue variation compensation.
  • Return control of electrodes and tissue variance compensation.
  • The memory of the program’s 9 streams.
  • TURP, TUVP capability.
  • It is possible to configure different instruments simultaneously.

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