PE HD10500 FE High-Density Polyethylene

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PE HD10500 FE High-Density Polyethylene

PE HD10500 FE is a high molecular weight, high-density hexene copolymer with a broad molecular weight
distribution. The product provides a good balance of easy processability and bubble stability with beneficial
physical and mechanical properties. Films produced from this resin perform excellent stiffness and tensile
PE HD10500 FE is recommended for the production of general purpose thin films with high tensile strength and
toughness, carrier bags, grocery sacks and liners. It is also used in multilayer flexible structures.
Properties Conditions Method Typical values* Units
Resin properties
Melt Flow Rate 190 oC/21.6 kg ISO 1133-1 10 g/10 min
Density ISO 1183 0.950 g/cm3
Properties measured on 15 μm film**
Tensile Strength at Break MD/TD ISO 527-1 65/57 MPa
Tensile Stress at Yield MD/TD ISO 527-1 32/29 MPa
Elongation at Break MD/TD ISO 527-1 400/450 %
Dart Drop Impact Strength ASTM D1709 150 g
Tear Strength 23 oC ASTM D1922 8 g/25 μm
*The values given are typical values measured on the product. These values should not be considered as specification.
**Properties are measured on 15 μm gauge films with a blow up ratio of 5 and a neck height of 8D.
REACH Statement
Polymers are exempt of REACH registration. However, their raw materials which mean monomers and relevant
additives have been registered.
PJSC «Sibur Holding» (and its subsidiaries) is committed to fully respect REACH legislation and to use only
REACH compliant raw materials

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