Sabic LLDPE Film Grade 218WJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene for Blown Film

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Sabic LLDPE Film Grade 218WJ Linear Low Density Polyethylene for Blown Film

Product Description
218WJ resin is a butene Linear Low Density Polyethylene grades TNPP free grade suitable for
general purpose packaging. It is easy to process giving good tensile properties, impact strength and
optical properties.
218WJ: 1500 ppm Slip & 3500 ppm Antiblock
Typical Applications
Lamination film, thin liners, shopping bags, carrier bags, garbage bags, coextruded
films, consumer packaging etc.
Typical data
Resin Properties
Melt Flow Rate @ 190°C & 2.16 kg load
Density @ 23°C
Mechanical Properties(2)
Tensile Strength @ break,
Tensile Elongation @ break,
Tensile Strength @ yield,
1% Secant Modulus, MD
Puncture Resistance
Dart Impact Strength
Elmendorf Tear Strength, MD
Optical Properties(2)
Unit Value (1) ASTM Method
g/10 min. 2 D 1238
kg/m3 918 D 1505
MPa 35 D 88229
% 700 D 882750
MPa 12 D 88210
MPa 220 D 882260
J/mm 63 SABIC Method
g 85 D 1709
g 130 D 1922
Haze % 13 D 1003
Gloss @ 60° - 80 D 2457
Thermal Properties
Vicat Softening Point °C 98 D 1525
(1) Typical values; not to be construed as specification limits.
(2) Properties have been measured by producing 30 μ film with 2.5 BUR using 100% 218N.
Processing Conditions
Typical processing conditions for 218 are:
Melt temperature: 185 - 205°C
Blow up ratio: 2 - 3
Food Regulation
218 series resins are suitable for Food contact application. Detailed information is provided in
relevant Material Safety Datasheet and for additional specific information please contact
SABIC local representative for certificate.
Storage and Handling
Polyethylene resin should be stored in a manner to prevent a direct exposure to sunlight and/or
heat. The storage area should also be dry and preferably don’t exceed 50°C. SABIC would not
give warranty to bad storage conditions which may lead to quality deterioration such as color
change, bad smell and inadequate product performance.

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